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 Hello Foodies,

        This is today’s lunch platter, simple and effective meal for midweek lunch to suit a busy lifestyle. During the weekdays our one meal of the day is just like this, meals that are packed full of flavor and nutrients. Our everyday lunch thali contains one stir fry veggies/lentils(Usal), rice and dal/aamti/any pulao, salad(cucumber / tomatoes /carrots / raita / zucchini), chapati / bhakri / roti and one dessert(not daily, today made because its Ganesh Festival).

           Our flexible weekly lunch/brunch menu or our comfort food classics will warm you up on a winter's night. Try it with our recipes and make a delicious meal every day in less than 45 minutes. So whatever the occasion, our delicious menu ideas will actually make you and your family happy. 

Also, our homestyle brunch platter is perfect for Saturday/Holiday mornings to be spent with family and friends. 

Some More Vegetarian Meal Platters/Thali to try Everyday:

On the Plate:

  • Mint Pulao
  • Non-Sticky Bhindi Fry
  • Malai-Rose-Gulkand Modaks
  • Chapati/Phulka
  • Air Fryer Fryums
  • Cucumber Salad

Mint Pulao(Pudina Rice):

         Mint makes a delicious and healthy addition to many foods and beverages, and it is easy to add to many dishes. So today by using mint and instant pot I have prepared aromatic, tasty, and healthy Mint Pulao or Pudina Pulao. Pudina rice is one of the most flavourful rice recipes you can cook up in a few minutes. Serving Mint Pulao as accompaniment can put your guests at ease.

Non-Sticky Bhindi Fry:

         Deliciously crispy, seasoned air fryer Bhindi/Okra Fry is my favorite dish nowadays. This is one of healthy, crispy must try Okra Fry air fryer recipe. Fried foods are full of saturated fats, and they will not help you in your fitness goals. So using the air fryer for frying dishes helps to cut down the calories by 70-80%.

Malai-Rose-Gulkand Modaks:

        These melt in mouth Malai-Rose-Gulkand Modak made with 4 ingredients and ready in under 15 minutes! It's just delectable, scrumptious, and melts in mouth Indian festival delicacy. The main ingredient is paneer(curdled milk/chena), so these are also known as paneer modak. This is one of the flavorsome, quick, and easiest modak recipes.


          Whole wheat chapatis are an everyday staple in my home, and I prepared at least two times in the day. Our day starts with eating this soft and healthy whole wheat flour flatbread. This is why the dough is made in bulk and can be used throughout the day. The perfectly round, smooth, fluffy, and light Indian flatbread that can be consumed along with any curry and dal or one can make delicious Frankie roll using it.

Tips to Meal Prep:
  • Bhindi: Wash, dry, and chop bhindi/okra a day or 2 days before making and fridge it. Whenever needed, thaw them and in 10 minutes your bhindi fry will be ready.
  • The Dough: Knead the dough and fridge it, whenever needed take the dough out and roll to make chapati/phulka.
  • Mint Pulao: Make mint and green chili blend for making mint pulao a day before making mint pulao and refrigerate it. Soak chickpeas at night. And whenever preparing the mint pulao dump all ingredients in the instant pot and cook for 8 minutes.
  • Modak: Prepare Paneer and khoya a day before making modaks and in less than 10 minutes modaks will be ready.
  • Fryums: You can air fry or deep fry fryums 3-4 days before serving and keep them in an airtight container.
Dietary Comment:

  • The calorie count is based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Per serving contains 527 calories, along with 86 g carbohydrates, 15.5 g Dietary Fiber, 15 g fats, and 18.5 g protein.
  • Portion size can always be increased or decreased depending on your health goals and activity level.
  • (Please keep in mind that the nutritional information is calculated using a nutrition facts calculator. It is a rough estimate and can vary significantly based on products used).

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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