Complete Recipe for Authentic Maharashtrian Pithale - Bhakri Thali

How to Prepare Maharashtrian Style Pithale-Bhakri Thali

Namaskar Mandali,

            Pithale-bhakari and thecha! Yum! I know mouth is watering, right? So sharing today Assal (pure) Maharashtrian, absolutely delicious and healthy pithale bhakri, thecha and tanduljachi bhaji recipe. The staple meal of the Maharashtrian cuisine bhakri (jowar/bajra) accompanied by raw onion, a green chili thecha / chutney, any green leafy vegetable stir fry, pithale / jhunka and plain rice(Bhat). This meal has now become popular as street food and as a restaurant's thali menu in Maharashtra. The Maharashtrian meal contains arrays of different vegetables, pulses, pickles, chutneys, koshimbir and sweets.
             This Thali or plate is filled with lots of nutrients, and top of it's vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Vegetarian lunch or dinner plates in Maharashtrian families are a combination of :
  1. Chapati, Bhakri (jowar /bajra)
  2. Plain Rice or Masale Bhat
  3. Koshimbir, Raita or Matta
  4. Papad, sandge, and kurdaya
  5. Chutneys, mango or lemon pickles
  6. Aamti or Varan
  7. Green leafy vegetables
  8. Usal (sprouted legumes)

So here I am sharing pure staple food of Maharashtrian cuisine that includes :
  1. Jwarichi / Jowar Bhakri
  2. Pithale / Zunka
  3. Tandalja Bhaji
  4. Thecha / Green Chilli Chutney
  5. Plain Rice
YouTube video for the complete thali

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