Learn to Quill Unique and Beautiful Quilled Flower Frame for Home Decor

Hello Friends,
         Today I am sharing one more unique and beautiful paper quilled flower frame for home decor.
It takes less time and yields quick and colorful results. Quilling craft ideas can be anything from making jewelry to wall frames using quilling art to creating designs for elegant quilling home decor and DIY Projects!  The quilling art encircles various, easy flower designs. Quilling designs for wall frames need to look attractive, colorful and entail an artsy and majestic look. Apart from being a fun paper craft art, it is a craft that demands a lot of patience.


Things You Need : 

  1. Quilling Strips
  2. Slotted Quilling Tool
  3. Craft Glue
  4. Half Cut pearls
  5. Photo Frame
  6. Tweezer
  7. Scissor

       Well, click here, and you shall find a complete tutorial on how to make this unique and beautiful quilling flower frame.

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