Making Chapati/Roti Dough in KitchenAid Mixer in 5 Minutes

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          Whole wheat chapatis are an everyday staple in my home, and I prepared at least two times in the day. Our day starts with eating this soft and healthy whole wheat flour flatbread. This is why the dough is made in bulk and can be used throughout the day. The perfectly round, smooth, fluffy and light Indian flatbread that can be consumed along with any curry and dal or one can make delicious frankie roll using it. 

            Whole wheat delivers a variety of important nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and other healthy plant compounds. This is why it is considered healthy when included in a daily diet. The secret behind soft chapatis or rotis lies in the dough, and here I am sharing some most essential tips and tricks to make perfect dough for chapatis. If you are kneading the dough by hand, then it will take 10-15 minutes, but in a stand mixer, it will be ready in 3 minutes.

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Consistency of the dough:
The Dough should be:
  • Soft and pliable.
  • Should not stick to your hands or rolling pin when rolling them.

Benefits of a stand mixer to knead the dough:
  • Effortless
  • Time saver
  • Easier to clean
  • Can do a large batch in a stand mixer effortlessly

How to make dough and Chapati/Phulka/Roti Using KitchenAid Stand Mixer
            A whole wheat chapati, or phulka or roti, is made from dry whole wheat flour, salt(optional), water and oil and mix using the dough hook of the stand mixer knead the dough. The prepared dough is first divided into small rounds and then flattened into perfectly even rounds with the help of a rolling pin. Make it of even thickness from all around that will help to puff up the phulka. This flattened dough is then cooked on a stovetop using skillet or tawa. Chapatis/phulkas can be enjoyed with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, or can even be eaten with stir fry veggies. It tastes best when they are paired with desi ghee(clarified butter). This is why the dough is prepared in bulk and can be used throughout the day. It is very versatile, and it can be used just like regular toast, or as a side to many dishes. 

Preparation and Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.


To prepare the Dough In KitchenAid Stand Mixer:
  • Sieve the whole wheat flour(most important step).
  • Use the dough hook attachment of the kitchen aid and keep it ready and set the bowl of the kitchen aid machine in position.
  • In a mixer bowl add whole wheat flour, salt and water 1 cup.
  • Now, lock the hook knob and start the mixer at speed 2 first and keep alternating between speed 2 and speed 4 as the dough starts forming.
  • Stop the mixer and scrape the dry flour from the sides of the bowls using a spatula.
  • Start the mixer and add the remaining ¼ cup of water slowly, 2 Tbsp at a time in the bowl. 
  • Now, add oil to make the dough less sticky and keep mixing on low speed until dough forms.
  • Cover and rest the dough for 10 minutes in a bowl, and after 10 minutes, the dough is ready to make chapatis and phulkas. 

To Roll Phulka:
  • Divide the dough into equal parts and roll to make dough balls.
  • Now, roll the dough ball into the flour (so that it doesn’t stick to the rolling pin) and roll it gently in a circular motion to form a circular shape.
  • Make it of even thickness from all around that will help to puff up the phulka.

To Roast Phulka:
  • Heat tawa(skillet) and transfer the rolled dough(Phulka) and let it form a few air bubbles. 
  • After 30 seconds, turn the phulka and keep the tawa on a higher flame(roast from another side for 20 seconds).
  • Now, remove the tawa and keep the roasting grill(High heat) and transfer the phulka on the rack/grill.
  • Turn the roti once it puffs up and has few light brown spots.
  • Once done, remove puffed phulka from the grill(you can use a tong to remove it).
  • Apply some ghee(it's totally optional), but ghee will keep the phulka softer.
  • Soft and healthy whole wheat flour phulka are ready to serve, serve with any Indian curry. Enjoy!!!

My Take:
  • Don't worry, the mixer may vibrate a bit when you start the mixer, and this is normal.
  • I have added the remaining water at the end to collect all the dry flour from the bottom of the bowl.
  • It took around 3 to 5 minutes to form the dough completely.
  • Make sure to cover and set the dough for at least 10 minutes, before making rotis. It will help to make a soft chapati(relaxing the gluten helps make the dough pliable and produces better produce).
  • Cook the roti in a high flame without burning.
  • Phulka cooks faster, so avoid leaving it unattended for a long time.
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  1. Is it easy to clean? the mini version makes dough for how many chapatis?

  2. You will not be hard pressed to match your kitchen decor, as KitchenAid hand mixers come in many different colors including white, black, red, blue, yellow and even pink. electric hand mixer


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