Cottage Cheese Alternative: Vegan Peanut Paneer

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            I have been thinking of making vegan paneer from so long, and finally, I discussed this with my mom, and she helped me to nail it out. This vegan paneer (cottage cheese) is just as satisfying as the original, higher in protein, lower in saturated fat, and delicious most of all! This Vegan Paneer recipe is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can make this fresh Indian Vegan Peanuts Paneer/  cottage cheese at home. It is a way easier and cheaper than you think! I didn’t find any store-bought brands for this vegan paneer. On Google, there were a couple of recipes, but they either used too weird of ingredients or seemed too complicated for such simple food. So, I decided to make my version, and I got to work and tested my way to my new easy Vegan Paneer/Cottage Cheese. Paneer is a fresh cheese that you can find very common in Indian cuisine. 
            To make this Vegan Paneer, you need three ingredients. Homemade cashew milk, soy milk and almond milk and from that paneer are ubiquitous, but what about Peanut Milk and Peanut Paneer? Peanuts are my favorite, and they are delicious as it sounds. If you have made your paneer before, you'll be doing the same thing but with peanuts instead of almonds or cashews.
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How to Prepare Peanuts Milk?
           Soak Peanuts in water for overnight or 8-10 hours. After 10 hours pour peanuts into a strainer rinse them off. Then peel the skin of peanuts (if you like you can skip peeling peanuts). Add peeled peanuts and water 2 cups into a blender and blend into smooth and pleasant milk. Slowly pour the milk over the strainer, and this will drain out any of the remaining pulp. Boil the milk. Finally, you will get a gluten-free, and protein-rich dairy-free milk alternative!
How to Prepare Peanuts Paneer/Vegan Paneer?
            Making peanuts paneer is very easy; you need to heat peanut milk and turn off the heat right when the milk boils. Pour 2-3 Tbsp of vinegar(you can use lemon juice or ACV too). Stir everything, and the peanuts milk should start curdling immediately. Now, strain the curds through a cheesecloth and rinse the curds with the cold water. This helps to cool the cheese or paneer and also helps wash away the vinegar or lemon juice. Then gather up the corners of the cloth and squeeze out the excess liquid from the paneer. Place it on a plate and place a heavy weight over it to set for 7-8 hours. Even you can stick everything into the refrigerator. Refrigeration helps firm up the cheese.
If making Vegan Paneer, then why not tofu/almond/cashews?                                                            My only requirement was that it not be based on tofu. I like tofu, but I’m not a big fan of it. And more than this I am a peanut fanatic, so created this. Also, peanuts are way cheaper than almonds and cashews, so this can be the perfect DIY nut milk!

You will love this vegan Paneer/Cottage cheese! It is:
  • Perfectly texture
  • Simple
  • Healthy
  • Just like a cottage cheese!
Shelf Life of Vegan Paneer
Keep leftovers stored in the fridge and enjoy within around 5-6 days. You can also freeze it up to a month if you like, just let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator when you’re ready to eat it. Enjoy as it is or it should work almost anywhere you would use traditional cottage cheese. 

          The result is perfect and tastes amazingly like actual paneer/cottage cheese. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes; Cooking Time: 25 Minutes.
Soaking Time: 8-10 hours; Setting Time: 7-8 hours.

50 g of Vegan Paneer contains 192 Calories.
  • Peanuts 1 Cup(200g), soaked in water
  • Vinegar / Lemon juice 2 ½ Tbsp
  • Water 1.5 liter 

  • Soak peanuts in water for 8-10 hours or overnight.
  • After 10 hours peel the skin of the peanuts and grind them by adding water(2 Cups)and make a fine paste.
  • Transfer the paste into a pan and add 1-liter water and stir well.
  • Strain the mixture, and we will get peanuts milk and boil it on medium flame.
  • Boil the peanuts milk on medium flame, and this will take up to 15-20 minutes.
  • Add vinegar/lemon juice and keep stirring on a low heat for 30-40 seconds.
  • Now, you can see it will begin to curdle and separate from the whey(if after this time it doesn’t start to curdle add the extra tablespoon of vinegar).
  • Turn off the flame and strain the mixture into the muslin cloth and add 1 cup of cold water(you can save the whey if you wish). 
  • Gather the muslin cloth and squeeze out as much water from it, twist and flatten it. 
  • Place it on a plate and place a heavy weight over it to set for 7-8 hours. 
  • Unwrap the paneer, cut into bite-sized cubes and add to your favorite curry or refrigerate in an airtight container.
  • Here, Vegan cottage cheese or paneer is ready to eat. Enjoy!!!

Useful Tips To Make Vegan Cottage Cheese:
  • The peanuts must be soaked for 8-10 hours in water. So you add them to a bowl and pour water over them so that they are totally covered, and then leave them.
  • White vinegar is the perfect vinegar to use because it is amazing for creating a cheese flavor. However, if all you can get is ACV(apple cider vinegar) or lemon juice, then this will also work too.
  • You can also make peanuts milk yogurt too.
  • Use leftover water for kneading the dough or for soaking the semolina to make dosas.
Dietary Comment :
  • The calorie count is based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Per serving contains 192 calories, along with 7 g carbohydrates, 3g dietary fiber, 16 g fats, and 9 g protein.
  • Portion size can always be increased or decreased depending on your health goals and activity level. 
Health Benefits of Vegan Peanuts Paneer:
  • This is an excellent plant-based source of protein and high in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds.
  • Low in carbs and have a very low glycemic index, this makes them an excellent dietary choice for people with diabetes.
  • The high content of protein and monounsaturated fat in peanuts may increase calorie burning.
  • They help prevent the development of gallstones, 
  • Boost memory and help prevent depression
  • Promote weight loss and help promote healthy skin.
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  1. Does it taste like peanut or close to milk paneer? If I add to gravy when do I have to add it?

  2. Peanut milk didnt curdle at all , i put enough vinegar and extra as well
    Any tip?

  3. I added so much vinegar and then citric acid the peanut milk never split, not sure if this recipe works.


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