7 Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Best Paratha Recipes

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       Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy to start a new day, keep us focussed throughout the day. In this breakfast series and on working with Indian Breakfast Recipes, here I am sharing seven days 7 Indian Paratha (flatbread) Recipes. All of these Parathas made using whole wheat flour, all types of veggies and beans. Sharing these unique recipes that capture the real taste of home. The breakfast served every day in homes across India, and even some family favorites you won't find in a restaurant. Now no need to eat the same packaged cereals every day. Here are some scrumptious and easy to make paratha recipes as they use readily available ingredients in your kitchen pantry. It includes loads of veggies, common Indian spices, and whole wheat flour. And you will get all of that in just 25-30 Minutes. Pair with carbs and proteins, carbs give you the energy to get started to take on the day. Protein helps you feel full until your next meal. 

       These parathas are so versatile that you can eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks or even dinner. I knew this was going to be a real palate pleaser for me, so I do prepare the dough in advance and keep it in a container in my fridge, and now I can make these parathas for breakfast every single day, hassle-free. I use beetroot, carrots, radish, avocado, spinach, and methi because I love all of those things, but free to swap in your favorite breakfast veggies and beans. Anyway, I love this so much, and I am sure you will too! 

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Eating a healthy breakfast can help, and it will give you:
  • Eating breakfast helps keep your blood sugar steadier throughout the day.
  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • If you do a workout in the morning then it will help you improve your performance (keep it light though, your body stops digesting when you exercise).
  • Improves concentration and performance in the classroom in kids.
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity.
  • Eating breakfast is essential for everyone, but is
  • especially so for children and adolescents. Those who don't eat breakfast are at risk of overweight and obesity. So let's get started!


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