Unboxing and Review: KitchenAid Artisan Design Series 5 Qt Stand Mixer

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         Welcome to unboxing and review of KitchenAid Artisan Series 5Qt Stand Mixer. This mixer is available in 20 colors, and I bought it in Empire Red. It is 26 lbs(approx.12kg), so you need to find a place for it on your kitchen countertop(you can't storing it and always pulling it out). The stand mixer comes with a  flat heater, dough hook, 6 wire whip(whisker), pouring shield and 5-quart stainless steel bowl. The included instruction manual has a speed control guide and accessory attachment guide(I have shared it below) and recipes. This stand mixer is so fantastic to bake with and make things with, it's so incredible. I can honestly say I love my stand mixer. I am using it all the time because it has all of these attachments and it's just really easy to use.

          To make cake batters, cookie dough, roti dough, and cake frostings, I have been using a hand mixer. But, a few days back McDreamy surprise me by gifting this brand new KitchenAid Artisan 5Qt Stand Mixer, and honestly, fellas mixing/whisking with a stand mixer is obviously so much easier on the arm and wrist, but also it can beat while I'm doing something else and saves lots of time. The color is absolutely gorgeous, and I was very excited to pull it out of the box. It has everything you want in your stand mixer - big stainless steel bowl, 3 paddle attachment(paddle, dough hook, and whisk), a powerful motor and absolutely reliable results. 

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          You can also buy other attachments separately to use this mixer as a food processor, an ice cream maker, sausage stuffer, pasta maker, meat grinder, juicer, grain mill, fruit or vegetable strainer, and more. 

When we tested this mixer and its whisk attachment with eggless cake batter, we found that the KitchenAid managed to mix the ingredients together really very well. We were pleased with how quickly they were fully incorporated.

Using the stand mixer:

Wire whip Paddle:
         It mainly used to mix, mixtures that need air incorporated, such as sponge cakes, heavy cream, frostings, egg whites, and mayonnaise.
Dough Hook:
          It mainly used to mixing and kneading yeast doughs, like chapati/roti dough, buns, bread, and pizza dough.
Flat Beater: 
          It mainly used to mix normal to heavy mixtures, like cakes, creamed frostings, cookies, pie pastry, mashed potatoes.
Pouring Shield:
          It mainly used to avoid ingredients splashing out of the bowl when mixing as well as easily pour ingredients in the bowl while mixing.
        Place the bowl on the bowl clamping plate and gently turn it in a clockwise direction to lock it into place.
Speed Control:
         It mainly used to increase or decrease speed. Lift speed control lever slightly up as you move it across the settings in either direction.
Use speed 1 until Ingredients have been blended and then gradually increase to the desired speed.
         To raise the motorhead, slide the locking lever to the unlock position and lift the motorhead. Once lifted slide the locking lever to the lock position to keep the motorhead up.

Attachment Hub:
                    It mainly used as a mixer (as a food processor, an ice cream maker, sausage stuffer, pasta maker, meat grinder, juicer, grain mill, fruit or vegetable strainer, and more). 

Beater Shaft:
           To attach the paddle, slip the accessory onto the beater shaft and press upward and turn counterclockwise to hook the paddle over the pin on the shaft.

           Also, I have decided to try out a glass bowl and other attachments with this unit, and I will put up that review soon so subscribe and stay tuned for that.

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