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How to Make Quinoa-Brown Rice Soft, Healthy Appe/Paniyaram

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        Paniyaram or Appe is a Breakfast recipe, which is prepared with leftover quinoa idli batter or dosa batter. Appe is a shallow fried dumpling prepared with quinoa, brown rice, urad dal, and flattened rice. This should really be your go-to breakfast recipe during morning’s rush hours.

        Appe is also known by various names including Paniyaram, Paddu, Appe, Guliappa, Gulittu, Yeriyappa, Gundponglu, Ponganalu, and Appam. This quinoa appe is soft and tastes delicious when served hot with thin Coconut Chutney, and Sambar. 

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Appe can also be made sweet or spicy depending on the ingredients jaggery and chilies respectively. If you like to give your regular breakfast a healthy twist then this recipe shall come in handy.

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  • Quinoa-Brown Rice Batter 3 Cups
  • Onion ¼ Cup, finely chopped
  • Tomato ¼ Cup, finely chopped
  • Carrots ¼ Cup, grated
  • Green chilies 3 strips, finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to roast Appe/Appam


To Make Quinoa Appe Batter:

  • In a bowl mix quinoa batter and green chilies paste.
  • If needed add water to make a perfect batter(The batter should not be too watery or too thick it has to be thinner than idli batter and thicker than dosa batter).
  • Now, add chopped, onion, tomatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves, and grated carrots.
  • Mix everything well and keep it aside.

To Make Quinoa Appe:

  • Meanwhile, heat the appam/appe pan/ skillet and add a drop of oil in each of its grooves.
  • Now pour a spoon full of prepared quinoa appam batter in each groove
  • Cover the pan and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium to low flame.
  • Flip the appam with help of a spoon or chopsticks and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Take out the roasted appams in a plate and similarly prepare the rest as well.
  • Here, healthy, veggie quinoa appam / appe / paniyaram is ready to serve. Serve hot with Sambar, Coconut Chutney, or Tomato Chutney. Enjoy!!!

My Take:

  • You can add grated vegetables like cauliflower, green peas, capsicum, beetroot, etc.
  • The batter should not be too watery or too thick it has to be thinner than idli batter and thicker than dosa batter.
  • Cook the appam on low flame to get a nice crunchy and crispy outer crust.

Good Time To Eat:

        It is good to eat Quinoa Appe for Breakfast, or snacks.

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