Learn to Create Delicate and Amazing Fondant Monkey: Edible Cake Topper

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          This edible fondant Monkey cake topper was adorable, and they were a huge hit at the birthday party. They are super easy and fun to create so you can work with your kids on them. I am sure they will love them just like they love playing with play-doh. Turn your art into edible and edible into incredible! Use them on birthday cakes, themed party cakes toppers and watch kids and adults enjoying them. This tutorial will show you how to create edible Monkey cake topper with various expressions. This lovely fondant monkey would make great toppers for cupcakes and cakes. Next time when you make a cake, definitely try this cute fondant monkey cake topper with many expressions! 
             One of my friend's kids were watching their favorite TV show, and suddenly one of them asked me to make an animal-themed cake for her birthday. I said yes and created this monkey cake topper with different expressions and also some other animal cake toppers(will share it soon). When I started to craft them, the idea to make Gandhiji's 3 Monkeys strike in my mind and thought to give it a go and voila! Fellas here it is. They turn out exactly what I thought. In this post, you will find step by step instructions, photos, and video on how to create the monkey topper with various expressions as well as details on all the tools I used. I think they turned out adorable, right? Which expression Monkey did you like the most?
            So guys learn how to make delicate and amazing fondant cake toppers. Let's get started!
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Things You Need:
  • Fondant: brown, flesh and black color
  • Heart-shaped cutters
  • Dresden tool
  • Ball tool
  • Star / any pointed tool
  • Rolling pin 
  • Toothpick
  • Edible glue/adhesive
  • One stick of spaghetti pasta
  • Paintbrush
To Create the Body of the Monkey:
  • Roll a ball of the brown color fondant and give it a pear shape. 
  • Insert a toothpick into the body by gently.
  • Roll out some flesh colored fondant and use a heart-shaped cutter to cut, that will fit onto the tummy and glue it.
  • Roll one small ball of flesh color fondant for the tummy/belly button and glue it.
  • Roll two smaller balls from the brown color fondant for the nipples and glue it.
  • Using a pointed tool, push a hole into the tummy button.

To Create the Legs of the Monkey:
  • Roll 2 small balls out of brown fondant(about a third of the size we used for the body) and roll these into a sausage shape.
  • Pinch the bulge between fingers and create the shape of the foot.
  • Now, place each leg along the side of the body and gently press in.
  • Roll two pea-sized pieces of flesh colored fondant to make the foot pads, press them, and make a sausage shape and glue it.
  • To Make toes: roll ten little balls of flesh color fondant. Make them in different sizes, so two of each but slightly smaller each time and glue toes on the feet.
To Create the Hands of the Monkey:
  • Roll two small pea sized piece of flesh color fondant and give it a teardrop shape.
  • Flatten it slightly and cut out a small V shape to create the thumb. 
  • Repeat for the other hand, but cut the V out of the opposite side so that you have a pair.
  • To make the arms roll brown fondant into a long sausage and the thickness you want monkey's arms to be.
  • Dip a small length of spaghetti into the glue and insert it into the hand, and then thread the right arm onto this. 
  • Glue them onto the body and let them dry.

To Create Face of the Monkey:
  • Using the brown fondant, roll a ball about half the size of the body and turn it into a pear shape.
  • Place the head onto the body.
  • Use a small heart shape cutter to cut another heart from flesh colored fondant and glue to the head.
To make Muzzle: 
  • Roll a small amount of flesh colored fondant and flatten it and glue it to the face.
  • Use any pointed tool to make indents for the eyes and glue the small balls of black sprinkles insert into the indents.
To make the nose: 
  • Roll a very small amount of flesh colored fondant and glue to the top of the muzzle.
  • Insert the pointed tool into the nose to create the nostrils.
  • Using a Dresden tool create a mouth.
To create ears: 
  • Roll a small ball of flesh colored fondant, flatten, and use a ball tool to create a dimple. Cut in half and then glue it.
To create hair:
  • Roll a tiny piece of black fondant and glue in place.

To Create 3 Monkeys:
  • You can make your monkey in different expressions by assembling their hands in different ways.

If you try making this edible cake topper Monkey tell me what expressions, the color combination you used in the comments below!
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  1. Great creativity. At first, I thought it as a toy, I had no idea that it was edible. Nice Post.


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