5 Healthy Dry Chutneys for this Winter

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          I absolutely love this healthy, nutritious homemade chutneys. It’s not overly spicy and is the perfect treat as a side for evening snacks. It also goes well with lunch or dinner with chapatis, phulkas or with dal chawal. It was indeed like biting my favorite holiday snack vada pav with this dry coconut chutney! There’s just something so classic and comforting about these chutneys. I remember my mother always making all these chutneys during chilly days. It is a wonderful accompaniment that can transform any dish and is usually prepared fresh in an Indian kitchen. It is a must to serve chutneys with certain food preparations like dry coconut chutney and vada pav, bhajji pav. These inventive recipes will have you wanting more. These all chutneys are one of the easiest recipes to try this winter. They require very less effort but a handful of ingredients to make them well. You can team them with a number of dishes or use them as flavor boosters for salads, sides, wraps, etc. This simple and easy to make chutney is very versatile and takes just minutes to put together and are an important part of an Indian meal. These chutneys are as a small side flavor to complement the main meal. They’re often eaten with chapati or roti, or also can be mixed in with ghee and eaten with plain rice. So let's get started.


Here are 5 healthy chutney recipes, perfect for this winter season:
1)Dry Coconut Chutney(सुक्या खोबऱ्याची चटणी)
             Dry coconut chutney or सुक्या खोबऱ्याची चटणी  is commonly made in Maharashtra, North Karnataka. As it is a dry chutney, it has a long standing life. Here is my way to make this easy, tasty and quick dry coconut chutney or सुक्या खोबऱ्याची चटणी. Coconut is one of the food that can be categories as a “superfood.” It has lots of health benefits including weight loss, better digestion and brain function, healthy skin and hair, and much more.
Recipe: http://www.aaichisavali.com/2017/05/dry-coconut-chutney.html

2)Flax seeds Chutney(जवसाची चटणी)

               Flaxseeds are known to contain high fiber and are a superfood. For vegans and vegetarians, flax seeds are a good alternative to omega-3 fats in fish, also for people with a seafood allergy. Flax seeds help you to improve digestion, healthy skin and hair, lower cholesterol, reduce sugar cravings, balance hormones, fight cancer and promote weight loss. So here, my way to add this healthiest food, i.e., flax seeds in our diet by making flax seeds chutney or जवसाची चटणी. Do try.!

3)White Sesame Seeds Chutney(तीळाची चटणी)

                Sesame seeds are the best option for high protein in a vegetarian diet. So here is a quick and easy recipe to make healthy and tasty sesame chutney. Once you prepared you can store it in dry and airtight containers and will remain fresh for over a month. It is a very good option to serve as a side dish. This dry sesame chutney tastes awesome with jowar roti, rice, and curd, even you can use it as a dip just mix sesame chutney with mayonnaise or with curd or with butter spread.
Recipe: https://www.aaichisavali.com/2017/12/SesameChutney.html

4) Peanut Chutney(शेंगदाण्याची चटणी)

                  Peanuts are packed with a lot of nutrients and offer a variety of health benefits. Peanuts contain monounsaturated fatty acids that prevent heart diseases.
Mildly spicy accompaniment that forms an essential part of a Maharashtrian thali. This chutney serves as the perfect accompaniment for Vada Pav and Kanda Bhaji.
Recipe: https://www.aaichisavali.com/2018/05/peanuts-chutney-shengdanyachi-chutney.html

5) Black Sesame Seeds Chutney(काळ्या तीळाची चटणी)

                   This black sesame chutney tastes awesome with bajra roti, rice, curd and it is a very light food and also very nutritious and healthy. These sesame seeds are available in white, black, and brown variants, sesame seeds can be consumed in raw, dried, as well as roasted forms. These are wonderful sources of calcium, iron and healthy fats.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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