Bajrichi Bhakri | Making Dough in KitchenAid Stand Mixer to make Puffy Bajra Bhakri(Pearl Millets Flatbread)

How to Make Perfectly Puffed up Bajrichi Bhakri in KitchenAid Mixer / Millet Flatbread
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         For this winter, a soft, versatile gluten-free flatbread made with only two ingredients. No butter or oil needed in this vegan dough. Makar Sankranti is around the corner, and to celebrate this Indian Festival of Harvest, try this traditional gluten-free flatbread, Bajrichi Bhakri / Bajra Roti / Pearl Millet Flatbread. 

These kinds of flatbreads are made primarily with hot water, and millet flour. It needs to add hot water to make the dough, which helps in rolling out smoothly. The Bajra bhakri mainly prepared in winter, especially near the festival of Sankranti. This flatbread prepared one day before the festival of Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra on the day of Bhogi and served with Bhogichi Bhaji.

               Pearl Millet is known as Bajra in India. It is rich in essential compounds like protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Due to its rich composition of minerals and proteins, Pearl Millet or bajra has many health benefits. Bajra Bhakri is naturally gluten-free and non-allergenic. 
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A great grain for sensitive individuals, also a good source of high protein content, makes is a substantial addition to a vegetarian diet. The soft and pliable dough made using KitchenAid Stand Mixer in 5 minutes. It's gluten and oil-free. And it only requires two ingredients. Bajra is a nutritious grain that is a high energy source and hence is used as a part of the meal during winters to keep the body warm. So let's start.

Is the Consistency of Gluten-Free Flatbread Different from Regular Flatbread?
               The texture of this Gluten-Free Flatbread is soft and light crispness on the outside. I suggest serving this while still warm, as it has a nice crust and nutty flavor. Once cold or room temperature, the flatbread remains soft and fluffy but is slightly less crisp. So, consistency-wise, you're getting as close as you can get to a regular whole wheat flour flatbread.

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Consistency of the dough:
The dough should be:
  • Soft and pliable.
  • Should not stick to your hands or rolling pin when rolling them.

Benefits of a stand mixer to knead the dough:
  • No efforts required
  • Time saver
  • Easier to clean
  • Can do a large batch in a stand mixer effortlessly
  • Always get a fluffy bhakri or roti from the dough
How to make the dough and Gluten-free Flatbread (Bhakri/Roti) Using KitchenAid Stand Mixer? 
            A pearl millet bhakri or flatbread made from pearl millet flour and hot water. Used the dough hook of the stand mixer to knead the dough. The prepared dough is first divided into small rounds and then flattened into perfectly even rounds with the help of a rolling pin. Make it of even thickness from all around that will help to puff up the bhakri like a pro. This flattened dough is then cooked on a stovetop using skillet or tawa. Bhakri can be enjoyed with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, or can even be eaten with stir fry veggies. It tastes best when they are paired with desi ghee(clarified butter). It is very versatile, and it can be used just like regular toast, or as a side to many curry dishes. 

Few tips to Make gluten-free and vegan flatbread using just two ingredients:
  • Making a good dough is the key to making soft, puffed pocket flatbread.
  • Always add hot water to the flour, and the main reason to add hot water is to give the stability and stickiness to the dough.
  • That helps while you roll it, and you can make a crack-free flatbread.
  • The dough should be soft enough and should be rolled without cracks.
  • So due to the addition of hot water, makes rolling of flatbread job much easier.
  • Kneading the dough in the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, it helps to make bhakri/flatbread puffy. 
  • It should be rolled out to an even thickness.

Now you know all the keys to making this soft and puffed up flatbreads, and now all you need to do is get up and start preparing these flatbreads with me using your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. 

Preparation of Dough: 5 Minutes; Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.
Each Bajra Bhakri(Pearl Millet Flatbread Contain 108 Cal.

  • Pearl Millets Flour(Bajara Flour) 1¼ Cup
  • Hot Water 1 Cup
  • Sieve the millet flour(most important step).
  • Use the dough hook attachment of the kitchen aid and keep it ready and set the bowl of the kitchen aid machine in position.
  • In a mixer bowl, add pearl millet flour and boiling water ½ cup.
  • Now, lock the hook knob and start the mixer at speed 2 first and keep alternating between speed 2 and speed 4 as the dough starts forming.
  • Stop the mixer and scrape the dry flour from the sides of the bowls using a spatula.
  • Start the mixer and add the remaining ½ cup of water slowly, 2 Tbsp at a time in the bowl. 
  • The dough is ready to make bhakri/roti/gluten-free flatbread. 

To Roll Bhakri/Flatbread:
  • Divide the dough into equal parts and roll to make dough balls.
  • Now, sprinkle the flour on the floor and place the dough ball(so that it doesn't stick to the rolling pin) and roll it gently in a circular motion to form a circular shape.
  • Sprinkle the flour as needed and to avoid sticking of the dough.
  • Make it of even thickness from all around that will help to puff up the bhakri.

To Roast the Bhakri:
  • Meanwhile, heat the pan or tawa and place rolled flatbread on tawa (make sure pan or tawa should be hot). 
  • Be careful while putting the bhakri on tawa dusted side should be at the upper side. 
  • Now, spread some water on bhakri and flip it immediately and roast from both sides with the help of hand, as shown in the video(this technique helps bhakri to puff up nicely).
  • Apply some butter/ghee(Optional), and yummy flatbread is ready.
  • Crispy yet soft, vegan, and gluten-free flatbread is ready to serve. It goes well with any curry. Enjoy!!!

My Take:
  • Don't worry; the mixer may vibrate a bit when you start the mixer, and this is normal.
  • It took around 3 to 5 minutes to form the dough completely.

Dietary Comments:
  • The calorie count based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Per serving contains 108 calories, along with 18.7 g carbohydrates, 2.17 g dietary fiber, 2.52 g fats, and 3.2 g protein.
  • Portion size can always be increased or decreased depending on your health goals and activity level. 
Good Time To Eat:
           It is good to eat Bajrichi Bhakri for lunch, brunch, and dinner.
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  1. I think that this bread is a great alternative to the yeast one. What's more, we can easily and quickly make Bhakri Flatbread.

  2. I always wondered how do people make this thin dough. I thought that there was some special technology. I was wrong about that. It was simpler than I thought.


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