Easy to Make 6 Ingredients Homemade Garam Masala / How to Make Garam Masala Powder at Home

How to Make 6  Ingredients Garam Masala Powder at Home
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          Fresh, Aromatic, and Homemade Garam Masala Powder made with 6 whole spices and in less than 10 minutes. Garam Masala is one of the most essential and commonly used spice blend in an Indian Cuisine. You can find many variations of preparing Garam Masala. Every family has a unique way. So, today sharing my Aai's(Mother's) way of making 6 ingredients Garam Masala Powder. When my Aai makes it, she never roasts the spices, she always sundry them for 4-5 days and then blends them into a masala powder. 
          The masala is very strong and has an intense flavor. So if you are using in your dishes, add ½ Tsp for 5-6 servings in a recipe. It is a lovely masala, and I add it to all the curries, aamtis, and dals. You will never go wrong with the taste. 
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        The words Garam means 'Warm' and Masala mean 'Spice blend or Powder.' The spices that are used in making the garam masala make the body warm. And each ingredient or whole spice used in this recipe has nutritional advantages. Garam Masala Powder added in most Punjabi dishes like butter chicken, Matar -paneer masala, paneer khurchan, palak paneer, and so on. 
Each spice blend has a different flavor, and so one cannot substitute one masala powder with the other. Like, Biryani Masala cannot substitute for Garam Masala or Garam masala can not substitute for Vangi Bhat Masala. The flavor and aroma of each Masala Powder are so distinct. If you change the particular Masala blend to make a specific dish, then the overall taste of that dish will change a lot. 
Helpful Tips to make Garam Masala powder at home:
  • Always use fresh spices. 
  • Clean or pick the spices if there are stones or any other items present before roasting or grinding. 
  • Make sure that whole spices do not have mold from the inside(to check, break them and see if there is any mold or small insects inside).

Here is some spices/masala powder I have made at home:
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes. 
1 Tsp of the Homemade Garam Masala Contains 10 Cal. 

  • Black Peppercorns 20 g
  • Cinnamon 20 g
  • Cloves 10 g
  • Masala Cardamom 15 g
  • Cumin Seeds 10 g
  • Shahjeera 5 g

To Dry Roast the Spices:
  • Dry roast black peppercorns, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cumin seeds, and Shahjeera (except black cardamom) for 1-2 minutes on low flame or until it becomes aromatic.
To Grind the Roasted Spices:
  • Open the upper cover or top lid of the grinder(High-Speed Universal Grinder), and add roasted whole spices (black peppercorn, Cinnamon, cloves, cumin seeds, and Caraway Seeds)and black cardamom. 
  • Close the lid of the grinder tightly.
  • Plugin and turn on the timer(1 minute) switch, then turn on the switch for grinding (you can hear rolling sound).
  • Turn off the switch, (You can hear the rolling sound evenly, that means spices have been ground into smooth powder, then you can turn off the switch).
  • Also, don't forget to disconnect the power supply before opening the lid.
  • Open the lid and brush or spoon the powder out and using strainer strain it.
  • Flavourful, Homestyle Garam Masala Powder is ready to make tasty dishes. Enjoy!!!

To Store Garam Masala and its shelf life:
  • Store Garam Masala in an airtight container in a dry, cool, dark place.
  • If placed in an airtight container, it stays good for more than a year or two.

My Take:
  • You can use Indian mixer grinder, coffee bean grinder too.
  • Here I have used High-Speed Universal Grinder, so it takes me 1 minute to grind all spices, but if you are using a mixer grinder, it will take a little bit more time.
  • Here I have dry roasted spices separately, but you can roast them together too.
  • Roasting of spices increase the shelf life of Masala Powder and brings out the aroma from the whole spices.

Dietary Comment:
  • The calorie count based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Per serving(1 Tsp Garam Masala) contains 10 calories, along with 2.21 g carbohydrates, 1 g dietary fiber, 0.27 g fats, and 0.34 g protein.
  • Portion size can always be increased or decreased depending on your health goals and activity level.
Health Benefits Garam Masala:
  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Fight disease and boost immunity
  • Increase vitamins, minerals, and protein absorption.
  • It works as a nutrient bomb
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  • Boost Metabolism.
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