Makar Sankranti Bhogichi Bhaji | Maharastrian Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry

How to make Maharashtrian Style Bhogichi Bhaji or Shengsola or mix veg stir fry.

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Hello Everyone,

             Today's recipe is Bhogichi Bhaji, as the name suggests Bhogi is the first day of Makar Sankranti, this festival marking the start of Uttarayan, the six months auspicious period in the Hindu calendar. Bhogichi Bhaji is a mixed vegetable stir fry that celebrates the winter vegetables such as Ghevda घेवडा (Indian Broad Beans), Fresh Green Peas (वाटाणे), Fresh Green Chana (हरभरा), Carrots (गाजर), Sugarcane (ऊस) and Ber (बोर) and more and also to the addition, to make Bhogichi Bhaji uses Peanuts and Sesame seeds which are warming in nature and are perfect for the season. It is to be served hot with Til-Bajrichi Bhakri.
              On this day small children and babies are showered with a mix of Bhogi veggies, sugarcane, flowers, puffed rice, tilgul and coins, this ceremony is known as Bornahan. Bornahan is an ancient Hindu tradition in which young kids, between age 1 to 5 are showered with gifts which are to be collected by invited children of similar ages. It is a ceremony to thank God for blessings us with a kid and assuring him that we will take uttermost care and nurture his little angel.
              Bhogichi Bhaji is a vegetable-rich diet, which can help protect you from arthritis, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, and can even help slow down your body's aging process. So give it a try this Makar Sankranti and let us know.

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Preparation Time : 10 Minutes ; Cooking Time : 20 Minutes.
Each Serving of Bhogichi Bhaji Contains 206 Calories.

Ingredients :

Vegetables -
  1. Broad Beans / Vaal / घेवडा, strings removed and cut.
  2. Eggplants / Brinjal / वांगी 2 to 3, stalks removed and diced.
  3. Carrots / गाजर, 1 peeled and cubed
  4. Potato / बटाटा, 1 peeled and cubed
  5. Green Chickpeas / Hara Chana / हरभरा, ¼ cup
  6. Green peas / वाटाणे, ¼ cup
  7. Sugarcane / ऊस, 2 to 4 Small pieces ( optional,but recommended)
  8. Peanuts / शेंगदाणे, 2 tbsp

Spices -
  1. Goda Masala / गोडा मसाला 1 tsp
  2. Sesame seeds / तीळ 1 tbsp, dry roasted
  3. Onion / कांदा 1, chopped
  4. Red chilli powder / लाल तिखट ½ tbsp
  5. Cumin seeds / जिरे, 1 tsp
  6. Mustard Seeds / मोहरी, 1 tsp
  7. Turmeric Powder / हळद, 1 tsp
  8. Asafoetida / हिंग, 1 pinch
  9. Salt / मीठ, 1 tsp
  10. Coriander leaves / कोथिंबीर ¼ cup, chopped
  11. Veg. Oil, तेल, 2 tbsp

Recipe :
  1. Wash, peeled and cubed all the veggies and cook them for 10 minutes (potato, brinjal, green peas, fresh green chana, broad beans and peanuts).
  2. In a kadhai heat oil, once oil get hot add mustard and cumin  seeds and allow them to crackle.
  3. Once they sizzle, add chopped onion, hing and allow
    the onion to roast for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Now, add red chilli powder, goda masala, turmeric powder and mix all well.  
  5. To the spices add boiled vegetables, sugarcane pieces and coriander leaves and saute the vegetables and let them blend with the spices and masala.
  6. Add salt to taste, mix and cook for 4 to 5 minutes, till the vegetables well cooked.
  7. When the vegetables are almost done add sesame seeds and stir well to combine. Garnish with fresh chopped coriander
  8. Tadaa, healthy and tasty bhogichi bhaji ready to serve, serve 'Bhogichi Bhaji' hot with sesame crusted Bajra Bhakri or hot Phulkas.

My Take :
  • You can add green chilies to make the 'Bhogichi Bhaji' spicier.
  • Indian Jujube / Ripe Ber /
    लहान बोर, 6 to 7, washed and stems removed (optional but recommended), (I couldn't find it in the place where I live).
  • Check the salt and spice at this stage and adjust to suit your taste.
  • You can make this a wet sabji or add some water to get a thick curry like consistency.

Dietary Comments :
Calorie Count Based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Per serving contains 206 calories, along with carbohydrates - 23.2 g, Dietary Fibers - 6.1 g, fats - 8.1 g, proteins - 7.31 g.   

Health Benefits of Bhogichi Bhaji :
  • Bhogichi Bhaji is a vegetable-rich diet, which can help protect you from arthritis, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, and can even help slow down your body's aging process.
  • It provide nutrients that help you adapt to stress, such as B vitamins and folate, omega-3 fats, magnesium, potassium, and glutathione
  • Digestion - It can also help reduce gas and bloating and makes your digestive tract is healthy.
  • Bhogichi Bhaji is a good source of vitamins and minerals, it provide nutrients for your eyes because they’re a form of vitamin A. Mixed vegetables contain several carotenoids the form of vitamin A that is essential for vision.
  • Green peas are the highest source of vitamin C, while  beans and carrots boost vitamin E. Beans also have at least double the manganese of other vegetables.
  • Good source of minerals, which helps to keep your bones healthy and to prevent osteoporosis.

Good Time To Eat :
          It's good to eat Bhogichi Bhaji for lunch as well as for dinner.

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