Jowar Roti / ज्वारीची भाकरी

       How to Make Jowar Roti / ज्वारीची भाकरी
Hello Foodies,
Jowar bhakri is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe. It is a very common and healthy food of people living in areas of Maharashtra. Bhakri tastes awesome with jhunka, thecha (green chili chutney), raw onions and any Indian curry. It is a gluten-free roti recipe made with sorghum flour. Jowar roti is very healthy and can be easily made too.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes; Cooking Time: 10 Minutes ;

Total Time: 20 Minutes.

Ingredients :
  1. Jowar flour / Sorghum flour 1 cup
  2. Water 1 cup (boiled)

Recipe :
        Sieve Jowar / Sorghum flour in a round-shaped big bowl. Make a well into the flour and add boiled water. Rest it for about a minute. Now knead to make a soft dough.
Make a small ball from the dough and sprinkle some flour on floor or rolling board and make bhakri by rolling with your palms, make it a round shape. Meanwhile, heat the frying pan or tava. Place bhakri on tava (make sure tava should be hot). Be careful while putting the bhakri on the tava dusted side should be at the upper side. Spread little water on bhakri. Flip it and roast from both sides with the help of hand as shown in the video. This technique helps bhakri to puff up nicely. Here, healthy, puffy Jowar Bhakri is ready to serve. It goes well with any curry, green chili thecha, pithale, etc. Enjoy!!!

Dietary Comments :
  • Calorie count based on a 2,000 calorie.
  • Per serving contains 113.33 calories, along with carbohydrates - 25 g, fats - 1.16 g, proteins - 3.66 g.
             Since the recommended dietary allowance for carbs is 130 grams daily, you’ll gain 20 percent of your daily intake. The carbs consist almost entirely of starches, which are slowly digested complex carbs. You’ll also get 7 percent of the daily value for protein based on consuming 2,000 calories daily.

Health Benefits Of Jowar / Sorghum :
  • Jowar has a higher content of calcium, iron, protein, and fiber.
  • Weight loss - The fiber content in Jowar could keep hunger pangs at bay by influencing satiety.
  • Digestion - It helps to improve digestive system and fights constipation. Jowar helps to regulate the bowel movements, boosts metabolism and averts issues like cramps, bloating, gas and stomach ache owing to its rich fibre content.
  • Bone health - It contains magnesium, calcium and copper that is responsible for stronger bones and tissues. The iron content in jowar ensures multiplication of red blood cells.
  • Heart - It helps to control cholesterol level, consuming jowar reduces the bad cholesterol effectively. Jowar also helps in regulating the plasma LDL cholesterol concentration. The presence of antioxidants, in addition to nutrients like vitamin E and B, magnesium and iron, helps to avoid many cardiovascular conditions. It also prevents the clumping of platelets, thereby reducing the threat of heart attack.
  • It has anti inflammatory properties,, it is good for celiac disease patients. Patients having celiac disease experience inflammation, digestive problems and joint pains. As jowar is gluten free, it is beneficial for their good health and wellbeing.
  • Jowar is a high-end source of phosphorus, calcium, protein and fibre. The presence of iron and copper helps regulate proper blood circulation, which fuels cell growth, hair repair and enhances overall functioning of the body.

Good Time To Eat :
           It is good to eat Jowar Bhakri / Roti or ज्वारीची भाकरी for lunch as well as for dinner.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.

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