I turned the key and stepped in, what I saw…

I thought he forgot my birthday, I was thinking about this whole day, even I came back home from
work in this thought only, it's my first birthday with him and how he can forget my birthday and all?  

And when, “I turned the key and stepped in, what saw…” OMG!!!
Our sweet home is full of surprises, balloons, cake, candles, and bouquets of my favorite red roses. Feel like I am in the heaven, flying without wings. But, I was wrong, he remembers, even he never forgot, this is my first birthday with him, and he made it very special. He knows I like surprises and on this special day, he gave me lots of surprises. Every time I am with him, he made me feel like the princess to a charming prince. I am thankful that God gifted me him. My hubby, my McDreamy you are worth more than diamond more than gold.  So here I turned the key and stepped in, and I saw how breathtaking, how precious and how special he made my day. Here is my treasure.”

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