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         Made this delicious mango sheera / mango rava kesari. Yday evening, I find myself craving something sweet, fruity and quick dessert that doesn't require too much work. And to satisfy my sweet tooth, I came up with this mango sheera(oh yes prepared in just 10-12 Minutes) and it worked well and satisfied my cravings without compromising taste. Feel free to sweeten this mango halwa recipe with jaggery instead of sugar. Fruit is a welcome addition to any sweet dish. Here, mango and saffron add color and sweetness to the halwa / sheera. Yummy and soft halwa with the magic of sweet and tangy mango is irresistible! From start to end preparation of this halwa needs 10 Minutes, 7 ingredients and 1 pot and you are good. You can serve this halwa to your guests to give a perfect end to the meal and treat their taste buds with a real feast. 

          The halwa is used to describe different types of semisolid reductions based from either flour, grains or fruits. Some varieties are smooth and soupy or firm and dense. The variety of halwa textures vary based on a person. I have shared version is silky-smooth and loose(I and hubby love this warm and smooth halwa), while others make this a little more dry/thick texture. The halwa needs to be smooth and not lumpy. The color will vary based on the type of fruit, grain or flour you used. Some are lighter in color, while others dark as chocolate. The taste is sweet and mildly tangy.
          So guys give this Mango halwa a try this festival and mango season and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.

Preparation and Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.
Each Serving of Mango Halwa/Sheera Contains 310 Calories.

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Ingredients :

  • Rava / Sooji / Semolina 1 Cup
  • Mango pulp ½ Cup
  • Sugar ¾  Cup
  • Milk 1 ½ Cups
  • Saffron few strands + warm water 2 Tbsp 
  • Cardamom 1 Tsp
  • Ghee 2 Tbsp 
  • Dry Fruits for garnishing

Instructions :

  • Heat ghee in a pan and roast semolina on medium to low flame for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Add milk, mango puree, and saffron and mix well and cook till it thickens (Cook for a few mins, and keep stirring, there should be no lump). 
  • Now add sugar and cook for 2 to 3 minutes or until it thickens and there should make no lump. 
  • Tadaa, delightful and yummy mango sheera is ready to serve. Enjoy!!!
  • Given measurements makes 4 servings.

Dietary Comments

  • Calorie count is based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Per serving contains 310 calories, along with 56.55 g carbohydrates, 8.72 g fats, and 5.46 g protein.

Good Time To Eat:

  •               It is good to eat mango sheera/halwa as a dessert.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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