Unboxing and Review of High-Speed Universal Grinder

Unboxing and Review of High-Speed Universal Grinder (Goldenwall)(300 g Small Household Superfine Grinder High-Speed Universal Mills)

Hello Friends,
           Finally, I found this grinder that can make all Indian spices powder within a minute. I have been on a mission for three years(or since moved to the United States) to find a blender that will grind a variety of Indian spices, grains, and herbs to a fine powder. Before I bought this, I have been using tabakh mixer grinder, and the spice jar of my mixer was not working. I couldn't find a replacement for this jar in here. That thing influenced us quite a bit to go ahead and get this. So we decided we would go ahead and share the unboxing and review of this product, that can be helpful to you guys. 

           If you have seen a video or going to watch after reading, you can see the box very well packaged. Along with the grinder machine, they have given sifter, brush, extra blades and springs, and manual. It has three blades; the device is lightweight, easy to carry, and cleaned. Included sifter and brush is a nice touch. 

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This stainless steel high-speed grain grinder mill is beautifully designed.  You can swing the body of the machine to pour the powder out. Swing type is more convenient. The grinder is safe and saves electricity, which grinds the fine powder within a minute. It needs only 1-2 minutes to make a fine powder.   There is also an overload protection button, which will automatically start when the grinder is overload. It is a bit noisy, but that is only because it is doing a great job. We highly recommend it. 

Voltage: 220/50HZ or 110V.
Capacity: 300 g
Grinding Fineness: 30-300 mesh
Working Time:0-5 Minutes
Interval/Resting Time:5-10 Minutes.
Speed: 28000/min
Crush Level: Superfine Powder Grinder
Commercial motor

        Here is sharing some tips, the power switch/timer knob took a minute to figure out, and the manual depicts a slightly different model that has a separate power switch. So I figured out that you can turn the field button clockwise very slightly and hold it in the on position. I think that will help you. 
        The second tip, before turning on the power, make sure the shaft nut was tight. Make sure when using that you tighten as light as you possibly can. 
       So far I have used it to make Goda Masala Powder, Coriander Powder, Grains Flour. It does pretty well and really fast to turn my spices, grains, beans into powder. It does exactly what promises. 

       So, guys, I am so pleased with this item. It is worth every penny. You will be thrilled you bought this if you have been in the same circumstances as me.

         This machine can quickly smash all kinds of dehydrated food, rice, corn, sesame, soybean, fish feed, pepper, and many more.

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