Carrot Burfi / Gajar ki Burfi In Instant Pot

How to make Carrot Burfi using instant pot
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Hello Foodies,
         I have shared how to make carrot halwa with tender, juicy carrots using instant pot, and now I am sharing another Indian dessert or sweet using carrots, which is carrot burfi. This carrot burfi recipe is similar to carrot halwa; you need to cook carrots more than what we cook for carrot halwa, so that will help to help to set burfi after cooling. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, and an excellent source of fiber, Vitamin C and K. Addition of milk and coconut makes this

carrot burfi more healthy and delicious. Making it using instant pot is a very easy and instant task.
                To make a vegan version of carrot burfi replace butter with coconut oil, milk with almond milk and milk powder with almond meal.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes; Cooking Time: 20 Minutes.
Each serving of carrot burfi contains 51 Calories.

Ingredients :
  1. Carrot 6 cups, grated
  2. Desiccated Coconut 3 tbsp
  3. Milk Powder ½ cup
  4. Milk ½ cup
  5. Sugar 1 cup
  6. Almonds 1 tbsp, sliced
  7. Cashews 1 tbsp, sliced
  8. Cardamom powder 1 tsp
  9. Ghee/butter 2 tbsp

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Recipe :
  1. Turn on instant pot and press the saute function and add ghee in the Instant Pot. Add grated carrots and coconut, saute them for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add milk and close the lid with the pressure valve set to sealing.
  3. Set Instant Pot to Manual and cook at high pressure for 5
    mins. Release pressure manually.
  4. Open the lid and add sugar, milk powder, cashews, almonds, cardamom powder and mix all well.
  5. Turn Instant Pot to Saute mode and cook carrots till all the liquid gets evaporated.
  6. Transfer the prepared mixture into butter/ ghee greased plate, top with few chopped almonds, cashews and press slightly
  7. Now, allow to set for 30 minutes, or till it sets completely and after 30 minutes cut into square pieces.

    Tadaa, sweet and delightful carrot burfi is ready to serve, store in airtight container. Enjoy!!!

My Take :
To make a vegan version of carrot burfi replace butter with coconut oil, milk with almond milk and milk powder with almond meal.

Dietary Comment :
Based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Per serving contains 51.65 calories, along with carbohydrates - 7.68 g, dietary fibers - 0.82 g, fats - 3.54 g, proteins - 1.06 g.

Health Benefits of Carrots :
  1. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A and an excellent source of fiber, Vitamin C, and K.
  2. Milk adds some Calcium, protein and vitamin D to this recipe.
  3. Boost Immunity: Carrots helps our body to fight off foreign viruses, bacteria. Vitamin A and Vitamin D stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells, which play a huge role in defending the body against diseases. Vitamin A also helps regulate the release of immune cells in the gut.
  4. Improves vision: Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is necessary for night vision. Beta-carotene has also been shown to protect against macular degeneration and senile cataracts.
  5. Detoxify Body: Vitamin A present in carrots helps the liver in flushing out the toxins from the body. It reduces the bile and fat in the liver. The fiber present in carrots helps clean out the colon and hasten waste movement.
  6. Protects teeth and gums: Carrots clean your teeth and mouth. Carrots stimulate gums and trigger a lot of salivae, which, being alkaline, balances out the acid-forming, cavity-forming bacteria. The minerals in carrots prevent tooth damage.
  7. Carrots have Antiseptic properties and can be used as laxatives, vermicides and as a remedy for liver conditions.
  8. Skin: Carrot oil is good for dry skin because it makes the skin softer, smoother and firmer. Carrots as raw fruits, juice or in cooked form, are an excellent choice for your health.

Good Time To Eat :
               It's good to eat carrot burfi as a dessert.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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