Chinese Lantern Festival, Fort Lauderdale 2017


Enjoyed a lot and experienced an incredible evening of authentic and amazing lantern, that was larger than life.

         We spent almost an hour and would be the max time I would suggest for this venue. It was quite cold in the evening at the time when we visited the festival.  Apart from the lanterns, there are some traditional dancing on the stage, playing drums and balancing plates.
          There was a cafe in the venue selling coffee, hot chocolate, wine, pretzels, gingerbread, waffles, hot dogs, etc. The gingerbread was good.
          The lanterns are very memorable, and you can get a lot of good pictures here. This was an incredible, fun, and beautiful evening out with my McDreamy while visiting Chinese Lantern Fest. We highly recommend.
beautiful bright colors and cute lantern characters.

I like the Penguins, Dinosaurs, Pandas and big-eyed birds the most. Some lantern even has moving arms, head! There is a massive dragon near the lake that shoots out water. Other lantern displays are a band of crickets playing music, a caterpillar, squirrels eating nuts, Santa with reindeers and a Christmas tree, white swans, flowers, a horse, and of course dragons and many more.
handcrafted lanterns, live entertainment, and food. It's a good place to create lifelong memories with friends and family. A fully immersive multicultural experience that you will love and treat your eyes to an absolutely gorgeous display.


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