Unboxing and Review of Cream Roll Cones / Cream Horn Molds EURICA

Unboxing and Review of Cream Roll Cones / Cream Horn Molds EURICA 
Hello Friends, 
         Welcome to unboxing and review of Cream Roll Molds / Cream Horn Molds 5-inch large size Cream Horn Forms Pack of 16. I am so glad and get them before Christmas and made a large batch of delicious cream rolls to gift family and friends. Everyone loved these goodies. 

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This cream roll mold made up of stainless steel without a nonstick finish. Spray the molds with a little cooking oil/butter, so that pastry will not stick to it the mold. This mold is a spiral-like ice-cream cone, and it's easy to remove the baked pastry without cracking the baked cones. 

So cream rolls are our(Dr.K and Mine) favorite childhood goodies. And one day, Dr.K asked me, can you bake these for us? And then we started to look for mold, and here we found them on Amazon. Made pastry sheets at home, cut it into strips, and wrap them around the cone molds. Baked and once cool down filled with fresh whipping cream. 

     These molds are perfect to work with and make all of the pastries come out to perfection. Also, it did come with a tiny brush cleaner to clean them thoroughly. 
These molds are artworks, aren't they? 
These Cream Roll Molds are:
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Good quality 
Works well with homemade pastry sheets too
Easy to remove the rolls from the molds
Height - 5", Diameter-1.4" and 16 pieces cream horn mold with 1 cleaning brush. 

Tips to Use them:
  • Spray cooking oil/butter on molds or cones before wrapping with pastry strips. 
  • Make sure not to put in the dishwasher. 
  • Once washed, dried them with the kitchen napkin. 

I am thrilled with the outcome, and I would fully recommend this product for anyone trying to make cream rolls at home. So guys, what are you waiting for, grab your cream horn molds and make a batch of yummy cream rolls for you and your family. 


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