Homemade Paneer Puff Pastry Recipe

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Today's Recipe is Paneer Puff Pastry, and this is one of my favorite snack recipes. The scrumptious,
buttery and flaky crust which is stuffed with yummy and appealing paneer and seasoned with Indian spices, baked until crisp and golden in color, this is ideal evening snack. Paneer puff is one such an appetizing and highly edible snack that can be easily prepared fresh at home now. The result looks crispy and delectable and could just drive you crazy asking for more. Paneer is slightly chewy consistency and mild flavor and is one of the rich sources of proteins for most vegetarians. You can also pre-prep this Paneer puffs in advance, place it in the fridge and bake just before your guests arrive. This is a great recipe for parties and potluck.

Preparation Time : 10 Minutes ; Cooking Time : 20 Minutes;
Total Time :30 Minutes.

Ingredients :

  1. Puff Pastry Sheets
  2. Paneer 100 g, cubed
  3. Red chilli powder 1 tbsp
  4. Garam masala 1 tsp
  5. Salt 1 tsp
  6. Tomato 1 small, chopped
  7. Green pepper, ½ cup chopped
  8. Turmeric powder 1 rsp
  9. Coriander leaves ¼ cup
  10. Butter 1 tbsp

Recipe :
  1. Turn on flame and place a pan, in pan add butter 1 tbsp and heat it, now add chopped green pepper, tomato and saute well and add cubed paneer, mix
    well and then add all the spices, salt and cilantro and mix. Here, stuffing is ready to make paneer puffs.
  2. Open the puff pastry sheet and roll it evenly. ( Homemade Pastry Sheets Recipe link : http://www.aaichisavali.com/2017/06/homemade-puff-sheets.html )
  3. Cut the required piece from the dough and roll into a thin sheet by using dry flour and cut into squares and put in a spoonful of mixture, then
    apply the water on edges and seal the edges pressing together.
  4. ( Methods to make different shapes :
  5. Take 1 square and place 2 tablespoons of the paneer filling on one side and to the other sides border, apply milk or water and fold to form a triangle, press edges to seal well.
  6. Take 1 square and with the help of round mold cut it into round shape and place it on a flat surface and place 1 tbsp of paneer stuffing on one half of it and cover with the other half to make a crescent, press edges to seal well.
  7. Take 2 pastry sheet square, place 2 tbsp paneer stuffing to the one square of Pastry Sheet and to the another square of Pastry Sheet with the help of round mold make hole and keep this sheet over Stuffed sheet and press the edges to seal ). Make design with the help of fork as shown in video.
  8. Place the puffs on the baking tray and milk wash on top, bake it at 480 Fahrenheit (250 degrees) for 20 minutes.
  9. Here, layered, crispy and scrumptious paneer puff pastry is ready to serve, serve with tomato ketchup or enjoy it with your evening tea. Enjoy!!!

Dietary Comments :
Based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Per serving contains 194.49 calories, along with carbohydrates - 16.85 g, fats - 12.53 g, proteins - 4.57 g.  

Health Benefits Of :
Paneer :
  • In 100 g of paneer, you can receive 18g of protein. For vegetarians who do not eat meat, this is one of the best ways to get enough protein to help build and repair lean muscles.
  • Paneer contains lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help fight with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Keep hair and skin healthy : The consumption of paneer can give us healthy hair and nails because of its vitamins, protein, omega-6 fatty acid and antioxidants contents.
  • Digestion : Paneer can improve your digestive systems because it can promote the hydrolysis of protein.
  • Paneer is a high protein food having high level of calcium and phosphorus which helps in building strong bones and teeth.

Good Time To Eat :
       It is good to eat paneer puff pastry as evening snack.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.


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