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Mesmerizing evening at Pompano Beach, Florida.
     Came here for the first time and it was lovely! This beach is so lovely and clean. Everything was so bright, organized, sidewalks lined with endless palm trees. The water was clean and had lots of beautiful waves, Lovely!

     Its name is derived from the Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus), a fish found off the Atlantic coast. A fun Beach to watch people relax or do what Floridians do enjoy the ocean in a multitude of ways!
Pompano Beach Pier:
       They have the Pompano Beach pier, which attracts a lot of fishermen and fisherwomen and Fisher kids. The pier is great for watching as well as just enjoying the breeze and view.  And it's free! You can watch fisherman or do a little fishing of your own you choose!
 Also, they conduct exercise (yoga) groups on the south end, where artificial turf had been installed.
 The surrounding landscaping is also beautiful in design with the nearby Pompano Pier, which is also visually pleasing. I saw there were plenty of grassy areas close to the road and some families barbecuing and having fun. The seashells are everywhere if you enjoy collecting them.
   Beautiful sand, beautiful water. It was a pleasant hour under the sun and listening to the ocean. Sigh...I want beach time now.!!!😎😁
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