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फुलपाखरू! छान किती दिसते फुलपाखरू!!
OMG!!! A butterfly landed on my head and hand.
Be prepared for the wows! Ooohs! Ahaas!
          My McDreamy told me that this is a place he wanted to take me. Let me say I'm so glad he took me there! What a beautiful place! Butterflies are fluttering everywhere. It's like walking into a dream. The little girl in me came out, and I walked in a fairy world. Beautiful butterflies everywhere with vivid colors. We had a moment there, absolutely beautiful moment! So let's have a ride!!!

Butterfly World is located in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida, United States. The facility houses around 5000 live butterflies.
What to see:
1)Laboratory :
           As we entered first passed​ the labs where the various stages that a caterpillar goes through before emerging as a butterfly, it also shows the life cycle of butterflies and laboratory where they breed them.
  2) Amazing world of Butterflies:
          Then we entered​ the amazing world of butterflies. As soon as we walk into the butterfly habitat, there are thousands of butterflies flying around. It was magical. We feed them, for that we have purchased​ nectar to feed them for $1. The butterflies are all around us we seat on a bench and felt the peace and serenity. I am lucky, a butterfly land firstly on my head that was a white color and has black circular dots over his wings and second butterfly land on my hand! So peaceful and the colors were unbelievable, vibrant blues, red and greens, combinations and many more different colors and sizes.
3) Flowers Section:
             Then we entered to the Passion flowers; all were so beautiful, especially the passion flower arbor. Jewels of the Sky Aviary is where hummingbirds and other birds also seen.
4) Birds section:
               Passed on through to magnificent flora, then we entered​ the amazing bird aviary. The birds were fun as well as the butterflies and flowers. There is a room where we feed small parrots, and at the very first time, I was scared, when parrots land on my hand, that was fun too.
5) Butterfly exhibit and Bug Zoo:
                Next are the butterfly museum and bug zoo. Some of the bugs are frightening. The Bug Zoo displays live insects including water bugs, spiders, wasps, walking sticks, and mantis.
Gift and souvenir:
Pricy but so worth it.
Wallpaper Butterflies Art Map of the World, home, wall decal, bedroom, living room, home decor, world map, wall art, map wallpaper.
Butterflies books.
Butterfly designed crookery sets.
Keychains, hats, sunglasses, clothes, clutches, purses, etc.

I love butterflies and flowers, and this was a great treat. Pleasant time spent.

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