Indian (Maharashtrian) Traditional Upvasachi(Fasting) Thali / आषाढी एकादशी विशेष

Best Recipes for Shayani/Ashadhi Ekadashi | आषाढी एकादशी स्पेशल Recipes

Hello Foodies,
       Hope you are doing well. I thought that this weekend we all deserve a giant thali/platter of (feel good) fasting days dishes. This spicy sabudana khichdi and varai bhat (sama rice) smothered in the tastiest peanut amti or sauce. Not going to lie, it's amazeballs. The varai rice and the peanuts amti are made for each other. The potato stir fry is dotted with some green chilies and coriander leaves. It's pretty, colorful, and delicious. Top it with some chilled homemade curd / dahi.
These all are also super adaptable recipes that can be made to suit almost any diet. Is it Vegan and Gluten-free? Yes, it is incredible!
enjoy it. Have some bites of this healthy, low fat and low calorie, crunchy and non-fried Sabudana Vadas / Sabudana Appe.
Indian Traditional Fast ( उपवास ) :
          It was the day of angarki Chaturthi ( I keep fast on every monthly Chaturthi) I was having lunch with my colleagues, and that time I ate some sabudana khichdi and sabudana kheer. My colleagues (non-Indian) asked me, you said you are having fast, then how can you eat that much when you are fasting?😜

Then I explained to them, to us(Indians) religious fasting has a distinctive form based on community and region.  According to traditional ritual, fast means, onion, garlic, cereal grains are not allowed to consume during fasts. Fasting is a prevalent and ancient form of austerity in Hinduism. It is usually done in Hinduism, either to show your sincerity and resolve or to express your gratitude. The god in your body is not pleased if you
Overall, fasting is good for the mind
             So today I have prepared this upavasachi thali on the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi / Devshayani Ekadashi / Maha-Ekadashi, the day when people observe fast. Aashadhi Ekadashi celebrates primarily in Maharashtra.
 Warkaris take out processions to the temple of Vitthal in Pandharpur in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. Vitthal is considered to be ‘the people’s god.’ An important part of Ashadhi Ekadashi celebrations is the fasting. And if you’re celebrating the festival today, here’s everything you need to know about fasting on Ashadhi Ekadashi.
Ideally, you should not eat any rice items(except varai/sama), grains, meat, onion, and garlic. Devotees who are observing fast can consume sabudana khichdi, kheer,  fruits, milk, and nuts.
and the body. It purifies the system, besides making you feel light and good.
starve yourself for long. Therefore, when you fast, you have to keep your body's wellbeing in mind. Also, every state has their rules for fasting food.

The food one can eat on fasting days :
  1. Sabudana Khichdi
  2. Varaicha Bhat
  3. Shengdanyachi Amti
  4. Sabudana Vada
  5. Potato-Peanut Fry
  6. Sabudanyachi Kheer
  7. Peanuts Laddu

  8. Sabudana Papad

आषाढी एकादशी स्पेशल वरईचा भात | Varaicha Bhat (Sama / Barnyard Millet Rice)

Fasting Recipe: Peanut Curry | शेंगदाण्याची आमटी उपवासासाठी | व्रत के लिये मुंगफली की कढी

Fasting Peanut Ladoo

How to Prepare Non-Sticky Sabudana Khichadi / उपवासाची साबुदाण्याची खिचडी

Fasting Recipe: Sabudana Appe/ शाबुदाना वडा

Instant Sabudana Papad | Upvasache Sabudana Papad

Potato-Peanuts Stir Fry / Upvasachi Batatyachi Bhaji

आषाढी एकादशी स्पेशल साबुदाण्याची खीर | Vegan Tapioca Pudding in instant pot / Sabudanyachi Kheer


  1. Yummy, nice to see all upvaas snacks together in a form of Upvaas Thali. Creative One :) Shubhangi :)


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