How to Make Cold Foam | Hola Rico Milk Frother Unboxing and Review

Hola Rico Milk Frother Electric,14oz Variable Temp & Froth Thickness Milk Steamer, Smart LED Touch Panel Milk Warmer, Dishwasher Safe, for Latte, Cappuccino, Warm Milk, Hot Chocolate

Hello Foodies,

         If you are a big fan of tea or coffee, then this Hola Rico’s milk frother is perfect for you! It has exceeded my expectations. It can create mile-high foam and it comes with a handy little cleaning sponge which makes it very easy to clean. The compact screen is very easy to read, set desired temperature and foaminess. It puts a whole new spin on making tea, hot chocolate, latte, and cappuccino. 

This frother has worked really well. I love how it has temperature control and an amount of froth control buttons. Dr.K loves iced lattes and I like hot coffee and it has been great for both of us. It looks much sleeker and the controls are awesome, with so many settings, you can have lots of foam, a little foam, just warm milk. It heats up & froths in a minute. 


It's a great timesaver, and I'll be having more cappuccinos at home as a result. Overall I would recommend this milk frother to save money on ordering out coffee every day.

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