Indian Tomato Curry in Instant Pot / Tomato Saar-Bhat

Hello Foodies,
          This spicy, tangy and non-greasy tomato curry (tomato saar) is my favorite Indian curry recipe. It tastes great with simple plain rice. This instant, simple Maharashtrian Style meal, tomato saar/curry is prepared with tomatoes, coconut milk, green chilies, and peanuts powder. This is a straightforward tomato curry recipe that can be prepared even by a beginner. Tomatoes blend very well with spices and other vegetables. To balance tomatoes tangy taste, I always use a bit of jaggery (or sugar) in tomato recipes. To make this tomato saar always use ripe, red tomatoes. Also, this is no onion, no garlic recipe. When you use the instant pot to prepare a meal, it's ready in a few minutes and a lot easier way and hustles free. What's great about this tomato curry is that it's not greasy like other curries and with no added sugar. This recipe will give you about a liter of Curry. I like to keep mine fairly thin, so I can cook it further with other ingredients and not worry about it getting too thick. If you want yours thicker, just cook it longer. The convenience of using an Instant Pot and it’s now my go-to quick, perfect and easy dinner. This little kitchen appliance “Instant Pot,” has made my life so much easier. One pot, no watching, no having to stir. Just throw it all in, walk away and forget about it. It even keeps the food warm if you forget about it or aren’t ready to eat. 

This is why this Instant Pot Tomato Saar/Curry is my favorite:

  • It's tasty, soothing and flavourful.
  • It’s healthy and full of nutrients.
  • It's low in calories.
  • It’s so easy and quick to prepare.
  • It’s super thick and creamy.
  • It refrigerates well, and leftovers reheat perfectly.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes; Cooking Time: 15 Minutes.
Each Serving of Tomato Saar/Curry Contains 100 Calories.

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  • Tomato 3, medium
  • Coconut milk ½ Cup(100 ml)
  • Green chilies 5 strips
  • Ginger paste 1 Tsp
  • Peanut Powder 2 Tbsp(dry roasted peanuts)
  • Jaggery / Sugar  1 Tsp
  • Cumin Powder 1 Tsp
  • Salt 1 Tsp
  • Rice 1 Cup + Salt ½ Tsp
  • Water as needed

To Temper :

  • Cumin seeds 1 Tsp
  • Cinnamon 1” stick
  • Bay leaf 1
  • Ghee/oil 2 Tbsp


  • Clean and wash rice and add 1 ½ cup of water and salt ½ Tsp
  • Wash tomatoes and make a cross incision and keep aside.
  • In a pan add 1 cup of water, peanuts powder, jaggery, green chilies, ginger paste, and tomatoes.
  • Turn on Instant pot and add 2 Cups of water and place tomato and rice pan(remember always keep rice pan above the lentils or veggies pan).
  • Close the lid and place the vent on sealing position and cook on manual mode (Hi) for 6 minutes.
  • NPR for 5 minutes and then release the remaining pressure manually.
  • Peel the skin of tomatoes and grind to make fine or puree and sieve or strain grinded paste.
  • Turn on Saute mode of Instant pot and heat butter or oil.
  • Splutter cumin seeds, bay leaf, and cinnamon stick.
  • Now add prepared tomato paste, coconut milk, cumin powder, and salt and mix well.
  • Stir and cook for 2-3 minutes, and tomato saar/curry is ready to serve.
  • This tangy, spicy and straightforward tomato saar taste good with plain rice. Enjoy!!

My Take:

  • To prepare Vegan Tomato Curry/Saar just replace ghee by adding oil or vegan butter.
  • Adjust the thickness of Curry by adding more or less water.
  • If you like more spicy Curry, then add more green chilies.

Dietary Comments:

  •     The calorie count is based on a 2000 calorie diet.
  •     Per serving contains 100 calories, along with 7.11 g carbohydrates, 1.6 g dietary fiber, 8.16 g fats, and 2.2 g protein.

Health Benefits of Tomato Saar / Curry:

  • Tomatoes contain a good amount of calcium and vitamin K and help to maintain strong bones.
  • It provides essential antioxidants.
  • Tomatoes are good for your heart.
  • Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes, they are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. 
  • Tomato saar is packed with all the healthy nutrients. 

Good Time To Eat:

  •             It is good to eat tomato saar/curry for lunch as well as for dinner.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!

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