Tutorial: How to make decorative flowers from sweet moong bean paste

How to Make Edible flowers from mung beans paste

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Hello Friends,
        In the last post you have seen that how to prepare mung beans paste and now I am sharing how to craft beautiful flowers using this mung bean paste. These beautiful flowers are made entirely from mung beans paste, and it is easier than you’d think. I’ll show you in the video how to create the flowers from this mung beans paste and put the whole thing together. Also in this video sharing a small tutorial to make roses from bean paste by using two methods that is by piping and by rolling like fondant or gum paste. The great thing about piping these two flowers together is that they all use the same shaped tip, the teardrop tip (Wilton tip
            Mother's day is around the corner, surprise your mother by preparing this mung beans to paste flowers and decorate your mother's day cake.
#104). I always find videos so much more helpful so that you can see the movement of the hands and the overall process.

Things you need :
Mung beans paste
Piping bags
Cake decorating tips #104, #127
Flower nails
Parchment paper 2” square

YouTube Tutorial

Instructions :
To prepare flower nail for piping :
  1. Pipe a small amount of bean
    paste onto the top of the flower nail and place the small square of parchment over the bean paste.

To Make Roses from mung beans paste :
  1. Pipe a nice wide blob of icing onto the nail. This blob will act as the base of your rose, so you want it to be large enough and wide enough to support the rose.
  2. Now, pipe the bud of the rose. Start by holding your rose tip strait up and down, with the narrow end of the tip up. The wide end of the tip will be touching the icing blob.
  3. Squeeze out a ribbon of bean paste and turn the nail, holding it between your thumb and forefinger, swing the rose tip up, around the top of the mound and back down to the starting point. This creates the rosebud.
  4. Now make the first row of petals. Hold the tip, so the wide end is touching the mound about half way up, starting right where the
    bud finished off. Tilt the narrow end of the tip slightly away from the center. Similarly, create more rows of petals.
  5. Form the first row of petals in this way, starting each one where the last petal finished.
    Once you have piped as many petals as you like, you will need to lift the rose off the nail and onto the cake or let it dry.
Once your mung bean paste flowers and leaves have completely hardened and you’ve prepared your cake, you’re ready to assemble your bean paste flowers over your cake!

To Make Roses from bean paste :

  1. Dust your work surface with cornstarch and roll your mung bean paste.
  2. Roll the lump of bean paste into a ball, and then pinch it into a teardrop shape.
  3. Roll bean paste, using the petal or circle cutter cut between each petal toward the middle of blossom. Place on thin foam and use ball tool to soften edges of petals. That will be the rose petal.
  4. Wrap your rose petal around the bean paste teardrop.  This creates the center of the rose.
    Make another petal and add it to the rose. Continue adding petals to the rose until it's the size you need.
  5. Grab the rose gently in one hand, and pinch and twist off the bulky extra bean paste at the base with the other hand. This pinches the petals of the roses together so it won't fall apart and it gets rid of that unsightly bulk. Let it dry. (It will take about 24 hrs to dry).
Voila! Beautiful blooming rose is ready to decorate the cake.

My Take :
  1. You can thin out your recipe by adding a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk. This will allow you to pipe flowers using larger royal or buttercream icing tips.
  2. If your bean paste gets hard or you can't pipe it well, then just microwave beans paste for about 20-25 seconds.
  3. To use bean paste like fondant, just dust your work surface with cornstarch and roll your mung bean paste that will help you to avoid stickiness.

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