Easy DIY Craft : Dahlia - Paper Flower

Easy DIY Craft : Dahlia - Paper Flower

Hola Folks,
To celebrate this Christmas season and to decorate walls and doors, I have prepared
this paper dahlias. This can be adds as a great decor for your home this season. Paper Dahlia Flowers are easy to make, look fantastic on any wall and they are an easy craft to get the kids involved in making! You can use it as wreath or make three or more and hang it to decorate a plain wall. Let's start.

Material you need :

  1. Sticky notes / cardboard
  2. Glue
  3. Cardboard circles (available in the cake decorating section of the craft store)
  4. Pearls to decorate stamen (optional)

Instructions to prepare Dahlia :
To make petals :
  1. To make the petals,Take one sticky note paper and start by flattening the bottom inch of the cone with your fingers, (if you are using cardstock then cut a piece of cardstock into a 4” square). Roll it and glue the edge into place.

To Make Dahlia :
  1. Now, begin to glue the paper petals in a circular fashion on the outer edges of the circular piece of sticky note.
  1. Flatten the bottoms of the petals a bit, that will helps to glue them in place. (To make outer layer I used 16 petals)
  2. Stagger the petals so that the next layer can sit between the lower petals.
  3. Continue working in the same fashion into the center of the flower, building upon the previous lower layer of petals. Repeat until you reach the center of the cardboard circle.

To make Stamens :
  1. Roll 2 to 3 sticky notes and dab a small amount of glue when you reach the end of the paper and attach another paper to the roll and make fringes for the center by cutting only 3/4 of the paper(lengthwise) in 3 to 4 mm width and leaving the remaining part to fold. (Watch video to get exact idea)
  2. Apply glue at the base of the stamen and glue it to center of the flower.
  3. Now, glue some pearls at the end of the stamen.
  4. Voila!!! easy peasy and beautiful Dahlia is ready to display.

To Display Dahlia :
  1. These lightweight decorations can be attached to the wall using removable adhesive strips.
  2. These Dahlias can be makes a beautiful, unique wreath for the front door.

My Take :
  • You can make it by using multiple colors.
  • You can use cardsheet instead of sticky notes.
  • I have used white glue, you can use hot glue too.
  • You can make squares more than 4” too.
  • To hang on the wall, you can just glue a thread on the back of the plate and hang it on the wall using a command hook or thumbtack.

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