Hawaiian Princess Cupcake Topper

How to Make Easy and quick Hawaiian Princess Cupcake Topper

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Hi Guys,
Cupcakes are perfect for parties because they are already portioned out sizes and no cutting. Try these colorful cupcakes for your pretty princess birthday party. These cupcakes can be made in any flavor. So try this beautiful cupcakes for a little princess party and share your pictures with us.!

Material you need :
  1. Cupcakes
  2. White fondant
  3. Chocolate fondant
  4. Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange fondant
  5. Flower moulds
  6. Bow mould
  7. Rolling Pin
  8. Water or Piping gel

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Instructions :
  1. Using a round cookie cutter cut the rolled white fondant in size of cupcakes to cover the top of cupcake by applying water or piping gel.
  2. Roll chocolate fondant and cut the plait in half and stick to the both side of the head, that makes hair of girl.
  3. Using black fondant make eyebrows and eyes of girl.
  4. To make lip use red color fondant.
  5. Using multiple color fondant and flower moulds, make flowers and glue them over hair.
  6. Using red fondant make a bow and glue it.
  7. Voila, beautiful princess cupcakes are ready. Enjoy!!!

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